Small Realities

Inside the mind of Lance Schonberg

Lance’s Guide to Life, Points 4-5

In a continuation of part 1, I thought I’d toss out the next pair of ‘guidelines’, the ones I claimed are tangentially related to the trio of points based around screwing up.  For a variety of reasons, I’ve had a hard time with both of these in different areas of my life in the last couple of years.

4. It’s better to make the wrong decision than no decision.

In light of not wanting to screw up, this seems a little counterintuitive, doesn’t it?  Maybe, but I could put it another way and say, ‘Don’t be afraid to take risks’.  Maybe that sounds a little more attractive.  Maybe I should have just used that phrasing to begin with.  If you always stay safe and sound in a tiny pocket of familiarity, you’ll never grow or learn anything new.  Well, in fairness, sometimes new things blow up in your face.  Even if it’s through no fault of your own, this can still be treated under the last three points of guideline number 2: fix it, learn from it, and move on.  Try new things and don’t let failure stop you from trying more new things.  Change isn’t necessarily good, but it might be and there’s only one way you’ll find out.  And if it isn’t good, well, try something else.

5. Always bring your A-game. Consistency is key.

The key here is to recognize that your A-game isn’t always going to be the same.  Maybe your mom is going in for a major operation or your best friend just had a heart attack or an ancient and beloved pet passed away.  Maybe you’re sick or pre-occupied or didn’t get enough sleep.  Your best is variable, affected by internal and external factors, but if you always give it everything you’ve got, that’s consistency.  Your results may vary, and mine certainly have, but that’s something else that shouldn’t stop you from trying.  Tomorrow may be better.

Easier Said Than Done

But isn’t just about everything?

I’ve had a lot of little things and quite a few big things affect me in the last couple of years and for whatever reason, I find it far too easy to focus on the bad stuff and let it drive other things away or shove things into the back of my mind.  I’m too worried about what ifs and what else could go wrong, sometimes almost obsessing over the perceived negatives in my life.  For a while, I thought I was just losing focus, but it’s really more like a shift in focus and one I don’t like.  I only figured this out very recently and I’m trying to correct my perception of the world, but it’s hard to work against your own mindset sometimes.  Again, that doesn’t mean I should stop trying.

Maybe I need to add a new guideline: you can’t control the universe, but you can control how you react to it.  Not that it’s easy to do so.


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