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The Christmas Fiction Project

If you’re reading this, you might have noticed (or already know if you’ve been here before), that I’m currently serializing a story entitled “Branch Santa”, set to conclude on Christmas Eve.  It’s a fun little story that lends itself to short, easily digestible chunks, running less than 8,000 words total.  I’ve been wondering about how it might work illustrated or if the reader’s imagination is better.  My girls seem to like it fine just as it is and no one who’s read it has suggested pictures, but I still think it might be neat.

All of which is not the point of this post.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Christmas, not so much the secular, religious, or commercial points, but more the cultural ideas, specifically fiction.  I remember from my days working in bookstores that there was a small proliferation of Christmas titles when the season started to get close.  It was nothing like Valentines or Halloween or even Easter, but that handful of books flew off the shelves.  And nearly all of them were kids’ books.

Do we lose sight of the warmth of Christmas as we get older?  We might understand the real world a little better, I suppose, but whatever origins or artefacts you’d like to attach to it, Christmas is fundamentally about family, peace, and love.  At least, that’s my point of view.  Don’t we like those things in our fiction?  Or are we just not willing to admit it out loud?

Well, this is me admitting it out loud.  I love Christmas, and not for all the baggage that’s attached to it but because somehow it makes most people just a little more open and a little nicer to each other, and because it’s a time when treasuring your friends and family almost certainly comes to the front of your mind.

Christmas fiction.  There must be a need and I don’t believe it disappears with our childhoods.  And because there’s a need, I believe there must be more of it out there, probably a lot more than I think.

So here’s what I’d like:

If you’ve posted, or are planning to post, Christmas fiction to your blog, I want to know.  Give me the link.  Post it as a comment here, fire it to me on Twitter, Facebook, or in an e-mail to Schonberg_lance (at) hotmail (dot) com (but if you send it by e-mail, give it a Subject of “Christmas Fiction Project” or something like that so I don’t miss it).

I’ll read it, link to it, comment on it, and plan to post it to Twitter and Facebook.  I don’t promise it will drive a lot of traffic to your blog or book, but just maybe you’ll pick up a new reader or two.

And if you’ve published a Christmas-related e-book, or a physical one, or are about to, let’s add that to the list, too.

Defining Christmas

Don’t.  I’m using the word Christmas, but I could have been particularly PC and phrased it as Solstice-Oriented Seasonal Celebration of Your Choice, past, present, or future, real or imagined.  Celebrate what you want and let your fiction do the same.

And don’t worry too much about genre.  “Branch Santa” is Science Fiction-y (at least it’s one speculation of what might be involved for Santa and the Elves if we suddenly decided to colonize the Moon), but speculative or not, I’d like your story on the list.  Genre isn’t that important, nor is time, location, or the length of the tale.

I will add that I think Christmas (or the Solstice-Oriented Seasonal Celebration of Your Choice) should be important to the story, not just mentioned in passing somewhere.  I don’t want to be too limiting, but it is kind of the point of things.

Send me the Link

So, throw a comment on this or Tweet, Facebook, or e-mail me (there are buttons for all three at the top of this post, and every post for that matter).  If there’s a flood, it might take me a bit to catch up, but I’ll get there.

Wishing everyone all of the joys of the season.


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