Small Realities

Inside the mind of Lance Schonberg


In the early years of grade school, Lance crafted science fiction and fantasy epics using his classmates as characters and often casting himself as the hero.  By his freshman year of high school, he’d graduated to short novel-length, highly derivative works in the same genres, hand written and on rare occasions even finishing a story, and eventually moving into teenage poetry, some of which actually wasn’t bad, and genre short stories.  By university, his creative output had evolved into short bursts of fiction and poetry followed by long periods of nothing.

In his 30s, the short periods began to get longer but so did the long ones until, in the midst of lecturing one of his children on the importance of following your dreams, Lance stopped to wonder why he’d stopped following his.  Gathering up the few shreds of unfinished stories he thought might be worthwhile, Lance took several months to build a routine of writing (nearly) every day.  On Christmas 2007, after the rest of his family had gone to bed, he began writing a novel.  Dragon Summer took exactly five months to complete and came in at 108,104 words.  Fortunately, no one will ever be allowed to read it.

He’s written several novels, and many shorter works, since, some of which have even seen publication.  Lance’s writing habits are eclectic, although most of his stories do fall into the broad buckets of Science Fiction or Fantasy.  Mostly, he’s has gotten over casting himself as the hero, but admits there’s a little bit of him in a lot of his characters.

His writing long since tipping over the border into obsession, Lance continues to heed the keyboard’s siren call.  Between preparing several works for electronic publishing, Lance is also about to embark on a multi-book epic fantasy adventure that promises to keep him busy for half a million words or so.

Recent Publications

The Bacon Cometh, Baconology (Library of Horror Press)

The Guardian of Xarg, Flagship Magazine

Common Ground, Alienology: Tales from the Void (Library of Horror Press)

And Yet in Deah, Rigor Amortis (Absolute XPress)

The Cliffs of God, Bards and Sages Quarterly

Web Serials

Thorvald’s Wyrd

Turn the World Around

Forthcoming Books

Heroes Inc. (2012)

Skip to My Luu (2012)

Graceland (2012)

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