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Please Update Your Links

Or click here.  Or here.  They both lead to the same place, the point being that I’m not updating Small Realities anymore.  I don’t intend to take it down anytime soon, but I think my efforts are best focused in one place and, since I bought domain names (Small Realities wasn’t available), Renaissance Ninja is it.

Be well, everyone.


Fri-ku #12

I hold back the dreams
As she lies curled beside me
Safe from the darkness

It’s been several weeks since I managed one of these.  I’ll try harder.

April Publications

I’ve been busy and had a lot of real life stuff going on lately, but this post is something I should have found time to write about two weeks ago.  While most of the stories I have acceptances for are pending, there are two that hit print this month, both flash pieces and both on April 1st.

“The Helgron Speak”, accepted by Bards & Sages Quarterly, appears in the April 2010 issue, available on Amazon in both print and kindle formats as well as at DriveThru Fantasy as a DRM-free PDF file.  I had the opportunity to read the whole issue before it hit and there are some great stories in there.  “The Helgron Speak” is actually my second story to appear in Bards & Sages Quarterly, the first being “Absence of Garlic” in the October 2009 issue.  Still available, if anyone’s interested.

The second piece is a 600-word SF story appearing on AlienSkin for two months ending June 1st.  It’s called “On Schedule” and is a fun little piece.  The “permanent” link for the publication period is, but if you’re reading this after the first of June, you’ll find some other story there.  Stories stay up for two months and aren’t archived.  Read it while you can!

Friku #11

Beam me up Scotty!
May not be a direct quote
But it would be cool.

Fri-ku #10

Tears take long to fade
Between the deep, ragged breaths
Nightmare returns home

Fri-ku #9

Ever run on a treadmill?

Endless footsteps
Rhythmic pounding on rubber –
Finding my heartbeat

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