Small Realities

Inside the mind of Lance Schonberg

VA Appearances

I do a little bit of Voice Acting for fun and sometimes to help out people whose work I’ve enjoyed or who I’ve worked with.  It’s not an additional career by any stretch, but I do enjoy it when I have the time and I’m happy to lend my voice, such as it is, if anyone asks.

  • Mormon Man 3, A Study In Scarlet, production canceled
  • French Guard, Treasure Hunters, Episodes 4, 5, in production
  • Rigadon, Doctor Who: Around the World, not yet released
  • Gate Guard 1, The Fallen Angel, Episode 8
  • Tree, W.I.T.C.H. The Year Before, Episode 1, still in production
  • Krantz, H.G. World, Season 0: Episodes 4, 6b, Season 1: Episode 1, 7
  • Nightblast, Transformers, Episode 1
  • Paul Gurdy, Zombie Cola, T. Patrick Rooney
  • Book Clerk, Guild of the Cowry Catchers Book 2, Abigail Hilton
  • Miller, Guild of the Cowry Catchers Book 3, Episode 1, Abigail Hilton
  • Ensign Yessir, PsiPhi Shenanigans, Episode 3
  • Sasha’s Dad, Out of Time, in production
  • Benjamin Lincoln, Redux, Episode 1, in production
  • Greg, PsiPhi Shenanigans, “Invisible”, in production

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